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Expungement, Wrongful Conviction, CQEs and CAEs in Ohio: Home

Expungement in Ohio is the same as sealing a criminal record.  It is a court process that allows you to have all reference to a prior criminal conviction cleared and your court file sealed.  Not all crimes can be expunged.  

Certificate of Qualification for Employment will allow persons living in the community who have a previous felony or misdemeanor conviction to apply to the court to lift the collateral sanction that bars them from being considered for employment in a particular field. 

Clemency in Ohio is an act of mercy or leniency from certain consequences of a criminal conviction, and is exercised by the Governor after receipt of a recommendation from the Parole Board. 

Certificate of Achievement and Employability is a certificate program administered by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction that will give employers relief from civil liability for hiring an offender who was trained for a particular job.

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