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e-Books via OverDrive: Nook

Getting Started

Unless you own a Nook Color, Tablet, HD or HD+ you will need to attach the Nook to your computer via the USB port and sideload the title from your computer to your Nook. 

What you will need:

  • Franklin County Law Library Card (call the circulation desk for the number 614-525-4971).
  • Nook eReader.
  • Computer.
  • Adobe Digital Editions (free software install).
  • Internet connection..
  • USB cord Required Software and Authorization

1. Before you can download library books to your reader, you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer.

2. After you have installed the software, open Adobe Digital Editions. You will be prompted to create an Adobe account and then to authorize your computer as one of your six devices. Note: You MUST create an account or you will not be able to transfer OverDrive e-Books from your computer to your Nook. You cannot download OverDrive e-Books directly to your Nook, but must transfer e-Books using Adobe Digital Editions.

3. With Adobe Digital Editions open, attach the Nook to your computer via the USB port. You will be prompted to authorize your Nook. Follow the click through path to authorize the device.

4. On a PC, the Nook will show up if Adobe Digital Editions is already open, and might not show up if you connect the Nook first. On a Mac, the Nook may not show up if Adobe Digital Editions is already open when the nook is attached. Attach the Nook and then open ADE. Your PC may require you to restart.

Transfer an e-Book to your Nook

1. Plug your Nook into the computer with the USB cord.  Your Nook should appear under the Bookshelves heading in the column on the left side of the Adobe Digital Editions screen.

2. Click on the Library View (the icon of bookshelves in the upper left corner) within Adobe Digital Editions. Titles you have downloaded are listed on the right. Drag and drop the title you would like to transfer onto your Nook below the Bookshelves heading.

3. You will see the file copy to the Nook. The title is now transferred to the device. On a PC, click “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the lower right of your monitor. Then click the “Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device” box. When you see “Safe to Remove Hardware”, you may detach the Nook from your computer. On a Mac, unmount/ eject the nook using the Finder before unplugging. Detach the Nook from your computer.

4. Touch the menu icon at the bottom of your nook for My Library. The book you just downloaded will appear under “My Documents.” Scroll down to the title. Touch “View item details and options.” Touch “Read” to begin reading your e-Book.

Return an e-Book Early

Follow these steps to return an e-Book early using Adobe Digital Editions on your desktop computer:

  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Select the 'Library View' icon (in the upper left corner).
  3. The Adobe Digital Editions library is displayed.
  4. Under the 'Bookshelves' heading, select 'Borrowed'.
  5. Click the e-Book you want to return.
  6. Click the 'Item Options' arrow (in the upper left corner of the selected e-Book).
  7. Select "Return Borrowed Item."
  8. Click 'Return' to verify that you want to return the title.
  9. The e-Book is removed from your account and returned to the library collection.

Follow these steps to return an e-Book early on the OverDrive Media Console app:

  1. In the bookshelf, tap the + sign next to the title you want to return.
  2. Tap RETURN/DELETE to display the return options.
  3. Tap RETURN THEN DELETE to return the title back to the library (selecting DELETE ONLY will delete the title from your device, but you will still have it checked out).

Get the App

1. Get the free OverDrive Media Console App for your Nook Color, Tablet, HD, or HD+

  • From your Nook home page, push the n button, then tap APPS
  • Tap the SHOW NOW link near the top of the screen
  • Type OverDrive Media Console into the search bar, then tap SEARCH
  • Tap FREE and then CONFIRM next to OverDrive Media Console

2. Open the app after it is installed and you will see a welcome screen

3. Choose the menu button for your device and select "Get Books" - you will be taken to a screen that allows you to "Add a Library"

4. Type Franklin County Law Library  and select the correct library 

5. You can now begin using your OverDrive app on your Nook


NOTE: The first time that you use the OverDrive app, you will be prompted to log in with your Adobe ID.  If you do not have an Adobe ID, you will need to register for one.


Check Out e-Books for your Nook

1. From a computer with an Internet connection, go to the OverDrive Home Page and locate an e-Book that you’d like to check out. Be sure that the e-Book is available as an ADOBE EPUB - this is the format compatible with Nooks.

2. Click ADD TO CART (if the item is already checked out, you will see the optioin to PLACE A HOLD). From the “My Cart” screen, choose PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

3. Type Franklin County Law Library  and select the correct library.

4. For the username enter the barcode on your Franklin County Law Library Card (call the circulation desk for the number 614-525-4971).

5. On the "Check Out" page, click CONFIRM CHECK OUT.

6. On the "Download" page, click the DOWNLOAD button under the item.

7. When asked "Do you want to open or save this file, select "Open."  The title will automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions.  If it does not automatically open, locate the downloaded file, which ends in ".acsm", double-click it and select Adobe Digital Editions to open it.

Delete an e-Book from your Nook

1. If using a PC, open Adobe Digital Editions, and attach the Nook. If using a Mac, attach the Nook, then open Adobe Digital Editions.

2. Click on the Nook icon beneath the Bookshelves heading. You will see a list of books that you have downloaded to your Nook.

3. Click the small triangle in the upper left corner of the title, then select “Delete Item” on the list of options. The e-Book will be deleted from your Nook.

Delete an Expired e-Book from Adobe Digital Editions

1. Open Adobe Digital Editions on the computer where you downloaded the e-Book.

2. Click on the Library View. Titles you have downloaded appear on the right. Click the small triangle in the upper left corner of the title. Select “Delete” on the list of options.

3. You cannot open the e-Book after its due date. If it is available, you may download it from Overdrive again, after deleting the expired copy.