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E-Filing, Discovery and Zoom in Ohio's Courts: Webcams & Accessories

One unintended result of the pandemic and subsequent shutdown is that people need more tools to communicate remotely more than ever, whether to stay in touch with loved ones, to hold meetings with colleagues or to join online classes.

While laptop or all-in-one owners are already well-equipped for such purposes, many desktop users need to purchase a webcam separately. Even those with portables with built-in cameras might need to upgrade to a much more robust option.

Virtual backgrounds, also called green screens, have become one of the hottest features used by a workforce that has been forced (almost overnight) to work from their kitchens, dining rooms, nursery, basement and any number of other places that were not intended to be a home office.


Ring lights are exactly what they sound like: a strip of LEDs built into a halo apparatus that provides flattering light without creating shadows or harsh lines.