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Expungement, Wrongful Conviction, CQEs and CAEs in Ohio: Expungement


Some states have separate legal proceedings for “expungement of records” and “sealing of records.” However, in Ohio, the legal process for expungement of records and sealing of criminal records occur at the same time. In other words, the term “expungement” and “sealing” are one and the same. It is a legal process provided under the Ohio Expungement Statute, which allows one to have any and all references to prior criminal records cleared and their court file sealed.

Franklin County is fortunate to have the Franklin County Municipal Court Self Help Resource Center helping with expungements.

Ohio Expungement Statute

Where to Go for Free Legal Advice in Franklin County




The Franklin County Municipal Court's Sealing and Expungement Office is located on the 2nd Floor of 375 S. High Street, Columbus, Ohio. The phone number is (614) 645-1706. An expungement application form can be obtained from that office. The filing fee is $50 for sealing a conviction. No filing fee for sealing a dismissal.