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Government Benefits Law: Foster Care Payments

Foster Care

Long term foster care, now called planned permanent living arrangement (PPLA) is a dispositional order to which both of the following apply:

1) Legal custody of a child is given to an agency without the termination of parental rights; and

2) The agency is permitted a make a placement of a child with a foster care provider or other person or agency.

PPLA may be an original order of disposition or it may be used as a further dispositional alternative after a prior temporary custody order has expired.


Ohio Revised Code


Executive orders

Ohio Administrative Code

Laws Governing Foster Caregivers:

Oh. Rules of Juv. Procedure

Law Review Articles

Federal Regulations

Social Security Regulations

Some foster children get Social Security benefits. In many cases, the foster care agency becomes the representative payee of the benefits. The regulations below govern this situation.

US Code

Federal Agency Guidance