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Ohio Deeds: Ohio Real Property Taxes

Real property tax law in Ohio has two components. The first is assessment. Landowners often challenge the valuation of their property. These cases often make it to the Board of Tax Appeals. The second legal issue is that when landowners fail to pay property taxes they face foreclosures and tax lien sales. These two issues are discussed below.

Assessment and Revaluation of Real Property

Foreclosures and Sales of Tax Certificates

Franklin County Tax Lien Sales

Tax Reform 

HB 920

Many residents are surprised to learn that the percentage increase in taxes is lower than the percentage increase in property values. That discrepancy is due to a state law known as House Bill 920, which limits the amount of taxes a school district can collect on voted levies.  Essentially, as property values increase, the collection rate of levies is rolled back so that the total amount collected remains flat. Generally speaking, the only way school districts see an increase in property tax revenue is when voters approve a new levy.