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Mobile Apps for Lawyers and Legal Researchers: Apps for LSAT, Law School & Bar Exam Study

Mobile Apps for Law School & Bar Exam Study

 NOTE: Students whose primary method of assimilating information is sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture, or who require strict oversight to ensure that they are studying enough should not rely solely on self-study programs for their bar preparation. In addition, students should not assume that the contents of the applications listed below contain the most current exam information for the bar exam the student intends to take.

Application Description of Application and Cost
Erudera provides information about studying for the LSAT.
Google Slides is great because it's free and already part of the Google apps you are probably using. It is a slide show app that gives you the ability to create flow charts, to diagram the procedural history of a case, a legal process or a statute.
The Law School Toolbox is a podcast series that highlights interesting areas of the law. This link is to the episode about evidence.

Study Aids, Study Skills, & Exam Preparation Resource Guide is a libguide from the Loyola University of Chicago Law Library.

The Sum & Substance series of mobile applications is a product of West Academic.The apps consist of text and audio recordings of lectures by noteworthy law faculty from U.S. law schools. The cost of the downloads from the iTunes App Store ranges from $49.99 to $59.99 per app.
The Themis Bar Review app provides Themis students mobile access to substantive lectures for all subjects tested on the bar exam and hundreds of diagnostic assessment questions. The FREE version of the app provides access to demo content. The full content of the app is available only to students enrolled in Themis Bar Review courses. WiFi connection is required to review the app's content. The app may be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices.