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Ohio Secondary Sources Legal Research Guide: Jury Instructions/ Elements of an Action

Ohio Jury Instructions

What are Elements of an Action?

"Elements" of a civil action are what the plaintiff needs to prove to prevail upon a specific cause of action, such as breach of contract or defamation.

The elements of a crime are what the prosecutor has to prove in order for the defendant to be convicted of a crime. Important in appeals when there is an assignment of error stating that there is insufficient evidence to support the verdict, or the verdict is against the manifest weight of the evidence.

The publication Elements of an Action (KFO 530 .E44) , which detailed elements of civil actions in Ohio ceased publication in 2011.  It can still be used, with caution.  Other resources for finding elements of an action in Ohio are listed in the next box.


Sources for Elements of an Action

The Franklin County Law Library has two print copies of each of these books. One is for Library use only. The other can be checked out by attorneys with a Franklin County Law Library card.