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Ohio Secondary Sources Legal Research Guide: Further Research & Verification Comparison

Further Research and Verification Comparison


Further Research and Verification
Citators - See Comparison of Citators Chart for more Details

Shepard's has the most detailed editorial treatment. It has a grid view showing cases cited  by jurisdiction and by treatment, as well as graphical history. Does not indicate, at a glance, whether the citing case quoted the case in question.

Keycite - Has graphical history. Indicates, at a glance, whether the citing case quoted the case in question.   Lacks the at a glance analysis of Lexis Advance and Bcite.
Legal Issue Trail/Table of Authorities

Table of Authorities available in the Shepard's report.

Legal Issue Trail also has some of the same functionality:

"Legal Issue Trail allows the user to pick out the legal passage that is most important to his/her research and then find other cases that cite to that legal passage, thus building authority not just around a case, but for a specific point of law within a case."

Legal issue trail also lists cases cited in that legal passage, and gives Shepards signals for those cases, providing the same functionality as table of authorities.

Table of Authorities available via a tab at the top of the case.
Key Numbers and Headnotes Headnotes link in to the Browse Topic Index. You can get topic documents, view the topic in the Topic Index or create an alert on that topic. Search by Headnote and More Like this Headnote, found in Classic Lexis, do not exist in Lexis Advance. West Key Number Outline is available under tools.