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Child Welfare Law in Ohio: Dispositional Hearings

Dispositional Hearings

If a child is found to be abused, neglected or dependent at the adjudicatory hearing, a separate dispositional hearing will be held to determine what action should be taken concerning the child. If the court removes the child from the home, the court must determine whether the agency has made reasonable efforts to make it possible for the child to return safely home.

Oh. Rev. Code

Oh. Rules of Court


Oh. Rev. Code Sec. 2151.353 and Oh. Juv. Rule 34 authorize the court to make any of the following dispositional orders:

1) Place the child in protective supervision, meaning the child can stay in the home under conditions, such as the person responsible for the abuse may have to move out.

2) Commit the child to temporary custody of a public or private children services agency, either parent, a relative, a certified foster family, or in any other home approved by the court

3) Award legal custody to either parent or to any other person

4) Commit the child to the permanent custody of an agency

5) Place the child in long term foster care, now called planned permanent living arrangement (PPLA).