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Cost-Effective Electronic Legal Research: Find Content - Lexis Advance, Westlaw

Finding Content on Westlaw and Lexis Advance

Westlaw and Lexis Advancehave All in One search boxes, so you can search all the content at once.  Then, you can use filters on the left side to narrow to a particular type of content, such as cases. 

FInd by Citation: If you have a citation to a case or other document, just type it into the search box - this works on all three systems.


Find a Particular Source on Lexis Advance

Start typing in the name of a source in the search box

OR Click on Browse Sources in the upper right.

Find a Particular Source on Westlaw

If you have a particular source in mind which you want to search, say Ohio Jurisprudence or Ohio Revised Code:

Type a few letters of what you're looking for into the search bar, e.g. type Ohio Jur. 

OR use the browse widget to drill down to the source you want.