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Ohio Primary Law Legal Research Guide: Home

Covers Ohio cases, statutes, legislative history, regulations, and administrative decisions.

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Status of Online Primary Law in Ohio

The American Association of Law Libraries says 


Official Status 
Register, Supreme Court Opinions, and Appellate Court Opinions are designated official. Statutes and Administrative Code are not designated official. Appellate Court opinions are now only officially published online (effective July 1, 2012). 

Supreme Court Opinions and Appellate Court Opinions are authenticated. Register, Statutes and Administrative Code are not authenticated. At some point in early 2013 the Secretary of State’s office ceased print publication of the session laws in print so that only un-authenticated online sources are produced.

Register and Administrative Code are not preserved. Information for Statutes, Supreme Court Opinions, and Appellate Court Opinions is not available.

Permanent Public Access 
The state has not guaranteed permanent public access for Statutes, Statutory or Administrative Code, Supreme Court Opinions, and Appellate Court Opinions. The official Register explicitly precludes preservation, and calls for the destruction of information according to set purgation schedules. 

Administrative Code and Statutes are copyrighted. Register is not copyrighted. Information on Supreme Court Opinions, and Appellate Court Opinions is not available. 



Primary law is the law itself as issued by the government.  Sources of primary law in Ohio include:


  • Statutes
  • Case Opinions, court rules
  • The Ohio Constitution
  • Bills and legislative history documents
  • Regulations and administrative decisions
  • Executive Orders

Also see Franklin County Law Library's guide: Ohio Secondary Law Legal Research Guide.



Ohio Legal Resources CLE from June 1, 2016 at the Franklin County Law LIbrary

Guide Author

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Susanna Marlowe
Franklin County Law Library Reference Librarian


This guide is based on the Ohio Primary Law Research Guide. This guide is on the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law Library's website and was written by Sue Altmeyer while she was a librarian there. Sue is currently Associate Librarian for Reference Services at the University of Akron College of Law.