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Ohio Primary Law Legal Research Guide: How-tos for Finding more Cases

Covers Ohio cases, statutes, legislative history, regulations, and administrative decisions.

Updating a Case

Shepard's on Lexis Advance and Keycite on Westlaw list subsequent cases that cited the case in question, and whether the subsequent case overruled or followed the case in question. In order to make sure a case is "still good law", don't stop at Shepard's or Keycite.

It is possible the case is no longer good law, but no subsequent case ever cited that case as overruled. Looking at the Table of Authorities in Lexis or Westlaw will help determine whether the underpinning cases cited in a decision have been overturned.  In Lexis Advance, Legal Issue Trail lists cases cited in that legal passage, and gives Shepards signals for those cases, providing the same functionality as table of authorities.

Thorough research of a question through electronic searches and/or secondary sources should reveal any changes in the law.

Additionally, you should also check the statutes to see if the case was overruled by statute, although Shepards and Keycite often reflect when a case is overruled by statute.


Using Keycite to Verify and Expand Your Research

YouTube video from a Westlaw Account Manager. .

Note that you can find cases in your Keycite results that are from the 10th Dist. Ct. of Appeals by limiting by jurisdiction on the left hand side of the page.

How to Find a Case on a Certain Subject

  • Try a keyword search on Lexis, Casemaker, Westlaw,  Google Scholar or other database.
  • If you are researching a statute or court rule, you can consult an annotated copy of the statutes or rules. You can also do a search on Lexis, Westlaw, etc. for the code section number or rule number.

Finding More Authority with Shepards

Video from Lexis Advance. Click on the back arrows to view more research videos from Lexis. There are a series of how to videos available at Lexis Advance - Support.

Track Pending Ohio Supreme Court Cases