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Ohio Primary Law Legal Research Guide: Current Ohio Revised Code

Covers Ohio cases, statutes, legislative history, regulations, and administrative decisions.

Current Ohio Revised Code

These Revised Codes may be certified by the Ohio Secretary of State, but they are not the official statutes of Ohio.  The official Ohio Revised Code is published by the Ohio Legislative Services Commission and is available here.The session laws are published by the Ohio Secretary of State.   See ORC 1.53.

Annotated Codes
In addition to the text of the statutes, annotated codes contain research references to secondary sources and summaries of cases dealing with the statute.

Unannotated Code


Video: Hints for Researching the Ohio Revised Code: Part One - Table of Contents

6 minute video.  Select HD (use the wheel at the bottom right) for the best quality.

Video: Hints for Researching the Ohio Revised Code: Part Two - Advanced Search and Field Search