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Free Websites for Legal Research: State Statutory & Administrative Codes on the Internet

State Statutory & Administrative Codes on the Internet

The codes and regulations are from the state legislature's website, unless indicated otherwise. Check the dates on the websites, as some may not be completely up to date. If you need more advanced searching and editorial enhancements to the codes, please visit the Franklin County Law Library as we have the codes and regulations available on Lexis Advance in our computer labs.





Justia Law - Alabama Code

Alabama Administrative Code


Alaska Statutes

Alaska Administrative Code 


Arizona Revised Statutes

Arizona Secretary of State's Office - Administrative Code 


Lexis free version - Arkansas Code

Arkansas Secretary of State - Administrative Rules (searchable, but not in codified format).


California Legislature - Code Search

Free from WestlawNext - California Code of Regulations


Lexis Free Version - Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado Secretary of State - Code of Regulations, Online Register


General Statutes of Connecticut

Connecticut eRegulations System


Delaware Code Online

Delaware's Administrative Code

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Official Code

D.C. Municipal Regulations and D.C. Register


Online Sunshine - Florida Statutes

Florida Dept. of State - Administrative Code and Administrative Register


Official Code of Georgia Annotated

Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia


Hawaii Code

Lt. Governor of the State of Hawaii - Administrative Rules


Idaho Statutes

Idaho Office of the Administrative Rules Coordinator - Administrative Code


Illinois Compiled Statutes

Illinois General Assembly, Joint Committee on Administrative Rules - Administrative Code


Justia Law - Indiana Code

Indiana Administrative Code


Iowa Code

Iowa Administrative Code


Kansas Statutes

Kansas Secretary of State - Administrative Regulations


Kentucky Revised Statutes

Kentucky Administrative Regulations


Louisiana Revised Statutes

State of Louisiana, Division of Administration, Louisiana Administrative Code (each title is a separate Word document)


Maine Revised Statutes

Dept. of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions, Rules by Department


 Justia Law - Maryland Code

Division of State Documents, COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) Online 


Search General Laws

Massachusetts Court System, Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR)


Michigan Compiled Laws

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), Office of Regulatory Reinvention, Michigan Administrative Code


Office of the Revisor of Statutes, Minnesota Statutes

Office of the Revisor of Statutes, Minnesota Administrative Code


Justia Law - Mississippi Code 2020 is most current available

Mississippi Administrative Code Search


Missouri Legislature - Missouri Revised Statutes

Secretary of State - Missouri Code of State Regulations


Montana Legislature - Montana Code Annotated

Secretary of State - Administrative Rules of Montana


Nebraska Revised Statutes

Nebraska Secretary of State - Rules and Regulations


Nevada Legislature Law Library - Revised Statutes

Nevada Legislature Law Library - Administrative Code

New Hampshire

New Hampshire General Court - Statutes

Cornell LII - New Hampshire Administrative Code

New Jersey

Rutgers School of Law Library - New Jersey Statutes Homepage

LexisNexis - Free version of New Jersey Administrative Code

New Mexico

New Mexico Compilation Commission - Annotated New Mexico Statutes and Court Rules 

Cornell LII, New Mexico Administrative Code

New York

New York State Legislature - Consolidated Laws

WestlawNext - Free version of New York Codes, Rules and Regulations

North Carolina

North Carolina General Statutes

Office of Administrative Hearings, North Carolina Administrative Code (NCAC)

North Dakota

North Dakota Century Code

North Dakota Administrative Code


Legislative Services Commission - Ohio Revised Code

Legislative Services Commission - Ohio Administrative Code


Oklahoma Legislature - Oklahoma Statutes (available only at rtf files downloadable by title), Justia Law - Oklahoma Statutes 

Oklahoma Secretary of State - Oklahoma Administrative Code


Oregon Revised Statutes

Secretary of State - Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR)


Purdon's Unofficial Statutes- a free version by WestlawNext. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes from the General Assembly (difficult to search and browse)

Pennsylvania Code OnlinePennsylvania Reference Bureau, (official publication rules and regulations)

Rhode Island

State of Rhode Island General Laws

Rhode Island State Archives, Final Rules and Regulations Database Search (can't browse and very difficult to search), better method may be to go to the specific agency's website for which you need a regulation and search there.

South Carolina

South Carolina Code of Laws

LII Cornell , Code of Regulations

South Dakota

South Dakota Legislature, Legislative Research Council, Codified Laws

South Dakota Legislature, Legislative Research Council, Rules List

Tennessee Tennessee Laws (not sure how current it is), LexisNexis- Free version of Tennessee Code Unannotated

Secretary of State, Effective Rules and Regulations of the State of Tennessee


Texas Constitution and Statutes

Secretary of State, Texas Administrative Code


Utah Code and Constitution

Utah Dept. of Administrative Services, Division of Administrative Rules, Utah Administrative Code


Vermont Statutes Online

Casetext - Vermont Administrative Code


Virginia General Assembly, Legislative Information System (LIS), Code of Virginia

Virginia General Assembly, Legislative Information System (LIS), Virginia Administrative Code


Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

West Virginia

West Virginia Code

Secretary of State - Code of State Rules Search (no way to browse)


Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations

Wisconsin Administrative Code

Wyoming Wyoming State Statutes, can only download the whole titles as Word documents, LexisNexis Free Version - Wyoming Statutes is easier to use, but can't link to individual titles or sections in this version either Secretary of State - Rules Search (no way to browse)